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Sloto Cash Casino Welcomes RTG's New Cubee: Time Travel Adventure Slot

March 29, 2019

Embark on an epic time travel adventure with Sloto Cash Casino when you play the latest slot from Real Time Gaming, complete with multipliers, free spins, and more.

Sloto Cash Casino Welcomes RTG's New Cubee: Time Travel Adventure Slot

Players are invited to indulge in an extraordinary time-traveling adventure to assist the likable character from RTG in defeating a wide range of enemies while playing this uniquely designed online video slot without any traditional paylines or reels.

The slot is called Cubee: Time Travel Adventure and it delivers a one-of-a-kind treat bearing little resemblance to slot titles you've played before. Your mission is to assist Cubee in rescuing the Viking Age, the Era of Piracy, and the Stone Age from the nasty Rocco and his gang to ensure that he safely returns to Cubeeland. Players are welcome to download the Sloto Cash Casino software before venturing through a time portal in the new Cubee: Time Travel Adventure slot.

Cubee: Time Travel Adventure Slot Features

Cubee is required to travel through time, beginning his adventure in the Stone Age before he moves on to the Era of Piracy and eventually ending up in the Viking Age. To successfully hop from one era to the next, Cubee needs to defeat Rocco, his arch enemy. Several opponents will arrive through the time portal and they can only be defeated if they are of equal or lower strength. The default strength level for Cubee is 1 in every round which will increase by 1 each time a power ball comes through the time portal.

Every time you select Spin, the time portal will eject 8 floating symbols consisting of power balls, weapons, and enemies. Cubee will immediately start licking his lips with every enemy that he consumes in his mouth and will start growing in strength with each and every power ball he consumes. You will receive a payout for a minimum of 3 defeated enemies, and once you defeat Rocco, Cubee will have the opportunity to move onto the following era.

The meter located in the top left-hand corner will display your current bet multipliers and free spins. Each cannon appearing in the Era of Piracy will increase your free spin amount, while every bow and arrow that comes through the time portal during the Viking Age will increase your bet multiplier. You will only be able to use them when Cubee makes it home. The multipliers and free spins that you collected will be used according to the bet value you used during all three stages. Due to the fact that Rocco cannot enter Cubeeland, there will be no weapons while you spin for free, increasing your chances of winning big.

It's worth mentioning that your overall progress will be tied to the amount you wager on every spin and each bet will have its own progress saved. Therefore, if you decide to adjust your wagering once the game started, your current multipliers and free spins will be automatically saved, while the meter will be updated for your new wager amount.

Game Symbols and Payouts

To complement the unusual slot setup, Real Time Gaming offered an equally unusual selection of symbols. Instead of populating reel positions, a variety of power balls, enemies, and weapons will float against the backdrop created in line with each time period. You will see opponents, bows and arrows, cannons, and Axes appear in different colors and shapes, while transparent power balls will come with unique functions. Each enemy, including Bones, Lucifer, Casper, and Spike, will provide cash rewards. Weapons will be used to weaken Rocco and power balls will be used to increase the strength of Cubee. The latter will also act as Wilds and each will count as a defeated enemy. You will also see bows and arrows or cannons act as scatters, depending on the era. During gameplay, both Rocco and Cubee will stand on either side of the game.

Payouts will be awarded when you display between 3 and 8 enemies. You can receive cash prizes that start at 0.5x your bet or a maximum of 40x your bet. Enemies that are deemed stronger than Cubee cannot contribute towards your winnings. The weakest enemy is Green Casper and Cubee can defeat him even if he is on a strength level of 1. Cubee needs to consume at least 1 power ball to defeat Yellow Spike, two power balls to defeat Blue Lucifer, and three power balls to defeat Red Bones.

Play the new Cubee: Time Travel Adventure Slot at Sloto Cash Casino

The new Cubee: Time Travel Adventure slot is a breath of fresh air with its unique gameplay and unusual set-up. Visually, it essentially an arcade-style game while an Irish tune that plays with each spin you initiate. If you are interested in giving this new RTG slot a spin, we highly recommend that you grab your Sloto Cash Casino Bonus before assisting Cubee in defeating his enemies.