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Roll Up For Real Time Gaming's Lucky 6 - It's Played On 6 Reels!

February 5, 2016

In the world of the online casino, slot games above all others dominate the landscape in terms of the sheer force of numbers. It's practically impossible to find a website that doesn't have more slot games than all of the other type of games that are available combined. That being said a good majority of those games, very much use the same kind of format, although Realtime Gaming is putting that to task with their very latest release, a game called Lucky 6.

RTG New Online Slot - Lucky 6 is now available!

The Basics Of The Game

Lucky 6 has a predominant Irish theme running throughout the game and the game is played out over 6 reels each with 3 rows. This creates a total of 18 different symbols on display that are available to make up the various winning payouts.

In this game there are a total of 10 paylines with five of them going from traditional left to right, then there's also another five that payout in reverse, and go from right to left. It would be fascinating to see this particular format used in one of those "all-ways" games at some juncture in the future as well, as this would lead to an incredible 729 different ways for a player to win, with every spin of the game!

Here, the action is fast paced and like a lot of the different RTG titles available, players have their choice of bet-size to choose from, anything from CAD $0.10 - CAD $2.50 for all of the ten paylines activated.

Game Features, Benefits and Payouts

This is a rare opportunity to play a game with 6 reels, and if it's not the first of its kind, it certainly has to be one of the first in online slot machine history. Since this is the case, there are six of a kind wins that make themselves available throughout this game, and they offer the largest wins that can be made when completing winning combinations.

With the advantage of playing this game over 6 reels, it spices up the action. Now players have more chances when compared to playing a traditional 5 reel or classic 3 reel game to capture Scatter symbols, Free Spins, grouped Wilds, and additional Bonuses. As well as that, the game also pays out Wild Reels and Multipliers as high as 5 x.

With more potential payouts over a larger playing area, RTG have not disappointed with their approach to pack this game with plenty of action along with different features. If the player makes it to the end of the rainbow playing this game, then they could end up with their very own giant pot of gold!

With the release of Lucky 6 coming a couple of months ahead of St Patrick's Day, a traditional time for the launch of Irish themed slots, here's a chance to get one step ahead. Now is the time to catch the flavor of the action that is likely to follow leading towards this magical day on the yearly calendar, let's hope there's joyous celebrations, for all those who play!